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# Run axiom with a proxy

You can now define a proxy to use when running an axiom. Http, https and socks5 proxies are all supported, from any provider.

Run your automation with a proxy-

# Reformat date and time

The "Date and Time" step now allows you to reformat an existing date, as well as generating a new one.

reformat a date -

# If / Else step

New step added, extending the existing "if" step to use an "Else" block. All steps in the "Else" block will run if the condition supplied to the "If" block does not pass.

if else conditon step -

# Compare numbers in conditions

All conditional steps have now been enhanced with support for numerical comparisons - greater than or equal to, less than or equal to, and exactly equal to.

compare numbers in conditional steps -

# More flexible scheduling

Previously, a fixed list of particular schedule times was available. Now you can select the period and duration of a schedule separately, granting much more flexibility in when schedules trigger.

greater flexitibity for scheduling automations -

# Copy steps to another axiom

Saving as duplicate is the current way to copy and slightly modify an existing axiom, but we have now added a new method to copy only a small set of steps to another of your axioms. This should save some time where axioms need to have similar functionality!

copy steps between automations -

# Add steps without closing the step finder

You can now add new steps without closing the step finder by using shift+click or shift+enter to select the step, allowing multiple steps to be added more quickly.

# Minor fixes

  • Step descriptions now shown in the selector tool instead of generic messages
  • Long step names truncated in the debugger
  • Axiom now warns you if a new tab was opened during a run, as this is a common source of confusion.
  • Improvements to keyboard controls in the step finder
  • Scheduler timing improved, preventing hourly schedules from slipping further and further from their start time
  • Fix to the ctrl key sometimes getting stuck when using a shortcut
  • Fix to the save shortcut working when extra keys were pressed
  • Preview now visible in the selector tool when using the 'body' selector to grab the whole page

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