Axiom is built for privacy

Axiom bots process data. We do not store or share your data. Once processed, any data used is deleted.

Our data policy

The intent of this policy is to inform the user of the AXIOM software about the data we collect and use or otherwise process during the use of the software, and to detail our responsibilities under legislation such as GDPR. For the purposes of this information, AXIOM AI is classified as a data processor.

What data is processed and why?

For use of the software, login details connected to an email address are stored. This is required for account authentication.

For operation of the product, certain data will be stored by AXIOM, in order for the system to access resources required for its operation. Data collected takes the following form:

  • API details for particular services, in the form of API keys
  • The individual steps of automations created, along with configuration parameters
  • Personal account details

Where possible AXIOM uses its own internal credentials to perform its functionality, but be aware that some functionality of the AXIOM software requires this data to be stored to operate. These features can be used at your discretion and will be clearly communicated.

AXIOM is able to make use of your existing session data in order to allow automations to work consistently. This data consists of cookies and local storage values set in the browser that is running the Chrome extension. Only required cookies and storage values are used. When using the desktop application, this session data is shared locally with the application, and does not leave your machine. When using the cloud service, this data is sent to our cloud run servers in order for your automation to run successfully. Any such data is not stored and is permantently deleted immediately after usage. The cloud service is provided for user convenience only; the desktop application is always available for download if this behaviour is not desired.

AXIOM may collect and monitor usage statistics for the purposes of improving the software, including use in learning algorithms. This data is anonymised and not associated with any particular personally identifiable information.

AXIOM may use these details for system-level communications, such as notifications of completed automation runs, or problems in running a particular job. These notifications are opt-in and not required for the system’s operation; all such data is available on demand when logged into the software.

Finally, stored data may be used from time to time in marketing operations conducted by the company. This usage is subject to explicit consent.

Data Security

Login data for the AXIOM product itself is encrypted with a salted hash and stored in a secured database.

Personal data is also stored in a database. It is not accessible to other users of the product and access to this is behind an SSL-encrypted security layer.

AXIOM continually monitors and will update this security policy according to developments in best practice or other domains.

Data Storage

Data is stored only for as long as required for operation of the service. At any time this data may be voluntarily withdrawn, at which point all personal data related to a particular user or organisation will be immediately and permanently removed from the system. Withdrawing the data in this way will terminate operation of the software immediately.

Any anonymous data collected during the operation of the software will remain in the system; we are unable to remove this data because it is not associated with any identifiable account details.

User Rights

AXIOM guarantees the following user rights for all personal data stored, in accordance with GDPR regulations.

  • The right to be informed
    • This document aims to lay out how data is stored by AXIOM and for what reason.
    • Queries can be directed to at if any further information is required, or if you have any concerns that need addressing with this policy.
  • The right of access
    • Users have the right to access their personal information at any time.
    • As much information as is feasibly possible will be exposed through accessible user interface elements.
  • The right to rectification
    • Users have the right to alter or correct any personal information stored in the system at any time.
    • This functionality is available directly through the Axiom application, or can be altered by direct request.
  • The right to erasure
    • Personal information can be erased on request at any time. Please see the ‘Data Storage’ section for further information.
  • The right to restrict processing
    • Users have the right to restrict processing at any time. This means we can continue to store the data, but not use it for any purpose.
    • Please note that exercising this right will cease operation of the AXIOM software.
  • The right to data portability
    • Any personal information supplied to AXIOM is guaranteed to be accessible and portable to other services.
    • We will not hide or otherwise store personal information without providing equivalent methods to access and retrieve this data.
  • The right to object
    • Users have the right to object to the use of personal data, for example in marketing communications or other uses of their data.
    • Users have an absolute right to object to the use of their data in regards to marketing.
    • Note that in other cases, if there are legitimate reasons for the use of this data, objections will not necessarily result in removal or a change of behaviour.